NAKS was founded in 1985 at the Sixth International Kant Congress, held at the Pennsylvania State University. The goal of the society is to further the study of Kantian thought and scholarship from a variety of traditions and disciplines. For this purpose, we organize multiple activities (regional study groups, APA meetings, publications, prizes, etc.), which help students and scholars at different stages of their careers to interact and share their work in an atmosphere of both cordiality and philosophical rigor.

We are pleased to announce a few new initiatives:
  • Wilfrid Sellars Essay Prize. Open to junior scholars. "Junior" is defined here as: “PhD in hand; and 40 or younger (regardless of tenure status), or non-tenured (regardless of age).” This new prize will be awarded annually for the best essay on any topic that demonstrates the continued relevance of Kant’s philosophy. The goal is to provide recognition to and support for young scholars in the early stages of their careers. 
  • New Book Prize for Senior Scholars. Open to senior scholars. "Senior" is defined here as: "40 or older (regardless of tenure status), or tenured (regardless of age)." This prize will be awarded for an outstanding book dealing with any aspect of Kant's philosophy. This award represents the capstone of our system of prizes, which includes the Markus Herz Prize for graduate students (started in 2000) and the Wilfrid Sellars Prize for untenured faculty (first awarded in 2010).
  • Electronic Newsletter. Our quarterly newsletter is now electronic. Members can find current and prior issues in the "Members Only" section of the website.
  • New Submission Policy for Papers Submitted to NAKS Study Groups. Beginning last year, everyone who submits a paper to any of the NAKS Study Groups must be a current member of NAKS. This change is modeled on current APA policy, and is meant to help increase the membership of our organization.
  • Kant Blog. Our goal is to facilitate and contribute to the ongoing discussion of Kantian thought among our members through the use of new technologies.
  • Updated Bibliography. Felicitas Munzel, the NAKS bibliographer until 2009, has recently sent us an update that is now available on the website.
Hoke Robinson founded and served as the first president of NAKS. Robert Louden, Karl Ameriks, Richard Aquila, Nelson Potter, Pauline Kleingeld, Patricia Kitcher, and Sharon Anderson-Gold have also served as presidents. Past vice presidents include Pablo Muchnik, Günter Zöller, Jane Kneller, Eric Watkins, and Michelle Grier. Our bibliographers have been Manfred Kuehn and Felicitas Munzel.

The NAKS advisory board is composed of Henry Allison (University of California, San Diego (emeritus)), Karl Ameriks (University of Notre Dame), Richard Aquila (University of Tennessee (emeritus)), Paul Guyer (University of Pennsylvania), Pauline Kleingeld (University of  Groningen), Patricia Kitcher (Columbia University) , Rhoda Kotzin (Michigan State University (emerita)), Jane Kneller (Colorado State University), Manfred Kuehn (Boston University (emeritus)), Robert Louden (University of Southern Maine), Ralf Meerbote (University of Rochester (emeritus)), Frederick Rauscher (Michigan State University), Hoke Robinson (University of Memphis (emeritus)), Eric Watkins (University of California, San Diego), Allen Wood (Stanford University) and Guenter Zoeller (University of Munich).

Kantian philosophy and scholarship in North America are steadily growing in influence and sheer quantity alike. The quality of the work being done is truly outstanding. At NAKS we are very proud of these facts and make every effort to promote and celebrate them. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or concerns. We look forward to your participation in our society.

Pablo Muchnik, President
Helga Varden, Vice President

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