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Contemporary Kantian Philosophy I Launched

22 May 2015 5:23 PM | Anonymous

The Luxembourg National Research Foundation has recently fully funded the first year of the three-year contemporary Kantian philosophy (CKP) project, which Robert Hanna (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder) will carry out in collaboration with Dietmar Heidemann at the University of Luxembourg, where Professor Hanna will also be a visiting research professor for the full academic year 2013-14.

The CKP project is a three-stage exploration of Kantian themes in contemporary philosophy, whereby Professor Hanna will work in close association with an “inner circle” of University of Luxembourg philosophy researchers, other faculty members, and graduate students, and also an “outer circle” of young philosophical researchers working at universities in Finland, Germany, Norway, and the UK:

  • Angela Breitenbach (Univ. of Cambridge UK)
  • Sacha Golob (King's College London UK)
  • Toni Kannisto (Univ. of Oslo, Norway)
  • Hemmo Laiho (Univ. of Turku, Finland)
  • Thomas Land (Univ. of Cambridge UK)
  • Kristina Musholt (London School of Economics UK)
  • Sasha Newton (Univ. of Leipzig DE/Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA)
  • Andrew Stephenson (Univ. of Oxford UK)

The overall aim of the project is to explore the nature of human cognitive and practical rationality from a contemporary Kantian point of view, in a collaborative and international setting. The project’s three-part focus is on philosophy of mind & knowledge, the metaphysics of free will and persons, and applied Kantian ethics/philosophical anthropology.

More precisely, the basic topics for 13-14 will be in the areas of the philosophy of mind, epistemology, cognitive semantics, philosophical logic, and metaphysical issues associated with these. In 14-15, the basic topics will be in the areas of the metaphysics of free will, action/agency, and persons. And the basic topics for 15-16 will be in the areas of meta-ethics, normative ethics, applied ethics, philosophical anthropology, and practical philosophy more generally.

In 14-15 and 15-16, the CKP group at Luxembourg will also be mirrored by a CKP group centered at the University of Colorado, Boulder, growing out of Professor Hanna’s existing Intuitions in Philosophy Research Group there.

During 13-14, the activities of the CKP project include five two-day workshops at the University of Luxembourg, at each of which five or six papers will be presented and discussed:

Workshop 1: “Kant's Philosophy of Mind & Knowledge: Transcendental Deduction - Schematism – Principles”

28-29 October 2013



1. Robert Hanna (Univ. of Colorado/Univ. of Luxembourg), “Blind Intuitions, Essentially Rogue Objects, and Categorial Anarchy”

2. Matthias Birrer (Univ of Luxembourg, LU), TBA

3. Kristina Engelhard (Univ. of Cologne, DE), TBA

4. Anil Gomes (Univ. of Oxford UK), TBA

5. Dietmar Heidemann (Univ. of Luxembourg LU), TBA

6. Colin McLear (Univ. of Nebraska at Lincoln USA), TBA


Workshop 2: “Intentionality & Mental Content from a Contemporary Kantian Point of View”

9-10 December 2013



1. Lucy Allais (Sussex UK/Witwatersrand SA), TBA

2. Karl Ameriks (Univ. of Notre Dame USA), TBA

3. Sacha Golob (King's College London UK), TBA

4. Thomas Land (Univ. of Cambridge UK), TBA

5. Kristina Musholt (London School of Economics UK), TBA

6. Andrew Stephenson (Univ. of Oxford UK), TBA


Workshop 3: "Perception, Judgment, & Logic from a Contemporary Kantian Point of View"

10-11 March 2014


Presenters: TBA, but includingundefined


1. Hemmo Laiho (Univ. of Turku, Finland), TBA

2. Jessica Leech (University of Sheffield, UK), TBA

3. Sasha Newton (Univ. of Leipzig DE/Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA)

4. Michael Potter (Univ. of Cambridge), TBA


Workshop 4: “Intuitions  & A Priori Knowledge from a Contemporary Kantian Point of View”

2-3 June 2014



1. Angela Breitenbach (Univ. of Cambridge UK), TBA

2. Andrew Chapman (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder USA), TBA

3. Thomas Grundmann (Univ. of Cologne DE), TBA

4. Farid Masrour (Harvard Univ. USA), TBA

5. Toni Kannisto (Univ. of Oslo, Norway), TBA


Workshop 5:  “Workshop with Paul Guyer”

Dates TBA


Presenters: TBA, but includingundefined

1. Paul Guyer (Brown University USA)


For further information on the CKP activities, contact either Professor Hanna (Robert.Hanna@Colorado.edu) or Professor Heidemann (dietmar.heidemann@uni.lu). Updated information is also available at: philosophie.uni.lu.

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