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North American
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North American
Kant Society

Con-Textos Kantianos: New International Kant Journal

22 May 2015 6:02 PM | Anonymous

This project arises with a clear Latin American scope, without renouncing to a Kantian cosmopolitan vocation. Issue 01 shall furnish a concrete idea of the sections that integrate this new journal and also a call for papers for taking part in the following issues. This endeavour could only go forward through the greatest possible participation of Kant scholars, according to their plurality, without exclusions of any kind. Con-textos Kantianos is an e-journal devoted to Kantian studies with a biannual periodicity, which will alternate open-submission issues and single-topic issues coordinated by two editors. All submitted manuscripts will undergo a peer review assessment. The journal will rely on the cooperation of an editor in chief, four assistant editors and an executive secretary, all provided with a long editorial experience at different journals (such as Isegoría, Dianoia, Revista Latinoamericana de Filosofía, Ideas y Valores or Estudos Kantianos). The periodical will also receive the support of five book review editors, which cover all accepted languages of the journal. The editorial team will assign and coordinate the tasks of the editorial and advisory boards. The contents of the journal will be divided into five sections: interviews with international Kant scholars, articles, discussions, translations of Kant ́s texts into Spanish, book reviews, and a newsletter with information about Kant-related Congresses, Workshops and Societies activities. The accepted languages for submission will be, other than Spanish: English, German, French, Portuguese and Italian.

We would like finally to thank the warm and great reception granted to this project, which arose guided by a spirit of integration and which has been spread by several colleagues and institutions. It helped to broaden the original member list of both boards.

Kind regards,
CTK Editorial Executive Team and CTK Executive Secretary
Roberto R. Aramayo, María Julia Bertomeu, Catalina GConzález, Eduardo Molina, Efraín Lazos Ochoa and Nuria Sánchez Madrid

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