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North American
Kant Society

North American
Kant Society


NAKS, in collaboration with C&CKP, sponsors the publication of first-rate  recent previously-published articles on Kant’s or Kantian philosophy that have been translated into English from any language other than German.

In the first experimental cycle of this scheme, two specially-invited articles, translated from Italian and Spanish respectively, Claudio La Rocca’s “Kant and the Problem of Conscience” and Álvaro Peláez Cedrés’s “The Transcendental Aesthetic,” were published on the C&CKP site during September 2016.  

For subsequent cycles, interested national Kant societies are hereby invited to 

(i) choose one recent previously-published article in any language other than German, 

(ii) arrange for a good English translation of that article (including finding a competent translator and also paying for the translation, if necessary), and then 

(iii) submit the English translation to C&CKP for final editing and publication.

If there is sufficient interest and participation, then two such translations will be published per year and also permanently archived on the C&CKP site for free reading and downloading.

Interested national Kant societies should contact Pablo Muchnik, the NAKS coordinator for this program, at <pablo_muchnik@emerson.edu>.

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