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North American
Kant Society

North American
Kant Society

New Membership Structure

As members of NAKS, we are committed to promoting Kant-scholarship and Kantian philosophy in all its forms. No one who shares these basic aims should be prevented, for monetary reasons only, from joining and participating in NAKS. Yet, at the same time, as a relatively small society, we depend primarily on membership dues to support a growing number of activities and prizes. Since we have not raised dues since 2009, we decided it was time to revisit our financial structure and adopt what we believe is the most fair model for our society. 

The main results of this deliberation are:

  • To maintain the current membership dues of graduate students, retired people, and the unemployed.
  • To create a new category of members for those holding non-tenure track jobs in order to encourage and facilitate their participation.
  • For reasons of fairness, to create a more nuanced dues structure for those holding tenure track jobs or who are already tenured.
  • Finally, to introduce a "hardship clause," that would allow members to waive paying their dues under extenuating circumstances and for a limited period. 
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