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North American
Kant Society

North American
Kant Society

Book Prize Winners

2019, Melissa Merritt

2018, Konstantin Pollok, Kant's Theory of Normativity: Exploring the Space of Reason (CUP, 2017)

2016, Lucy Allais, Manifest Reality: Kant’s Idealism and his Realism (Oxford University Press, 2015)

2015, Julian Wuerth, Kant on Mind, Action and Ethics (Oxford University Press, 2014)

2014, Pauline Kleingeld, Kant and Cosmopolitanism: The Philosophical Ideal of World Citizenship (Cambridge University Press, 2013).

Sellars Prize Winners

2019 Samuel Kahn

2018 Robert Clewis, author of “Beauty and Utility in Kant’s Aesthetics: The Origins of Adherent Beauty”

2015 Mavis Biss, author of “Kantian Moral Striving.”

2013 Owen Ware, author of “Self-Love and Self-Conceit in Kant’s Moral Psychology."

2012 Eric Entrican Wilson, author of “Kant on Autonomy and the Value of Persons.”

2011 Ernesto Garcia, author of "A New Look at Kantian Respect for Persons."

2010 Matthew C. Altman, author of "What Kant Has to Teach Us About Same-Sex Marriage."

Markus Herz Prize Winners

2019 Rosalind Chaplin, "Inderminacy and Potential Infinity in Kant's Second Antinomy"

2018 Olga Lenczewska, “From Rationality to Morality: The Collective Development of Practical Reason in Kant’s Anthropological Writings”

2017 Jessica Tizzard, “Practical Reason and the Call to Faith”

2016 Aaron Wells, "Mechanical Inexplicability and Intensive Magnitudes"

2015 Naomi Fisher, "Kant, Schelling, and the Philosophy of Nature"

2014 Bennet McNulty, "Rehabilitating the regulative Use of Reason: Kant on Empirical and Chemical Laws."

2013 Daniel Smyth, "Infinity and Giveness: Kant on the Intuitive Roots of Spatial Representation"

2012 Mohammad Reza Karim Hadisi, “Kant's Transcendental Arguments, Hegel's Dialectical Method and Pyrrhonism”

2011 Samuel Kahn, "Conscience"

2010 Ryan Kemp, "The Contingency of Evil"

2009 James Hebbeler, "Kant on Necessity"

2008 James Messina, "Spatial Relations, Different Places, and the Possibility of Co-Existence: The First Metaphysical Exposition Revisited"

2007 Clinton Tolley, "'Umfang' as a Technical Term in Kant's Logic"

2006 Joshua Brown, "Spatial Infinity and the Intuition of Space"

2005 Helga Varden, "Kant and Dependency-Relations"

2004 Bradford Cokelet, "Individual and Social Dimensions of the Struggle Against Evil in Kant’s Religion"

2002-2003 Desmond Hogan, "Intelligibility and Ideality: Crusius, Kant, and a 'Neglected Alternative,

2001 Joseph Cannon, "Intention and Fine Art in the Critique of Judgment”2000 Ernesto Garcia, "The Historical Development of Virtue in Kant’s Ethical Theory”

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