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North American
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North American
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Wilfrid Sellars Essay Prize

The Wilfrid Sellars Essay Prize is awarded for the best essay on any topic that demonstrates the continued relevance of Kant’s philosophy. It is the natural continuation of the existing Markus Herz Prize, which is awarded to the best graduate student submission to the NAKS study groups. The intention behind the Wilfrid Sellars Essay Prize is to help promote original Kantian or Kant-inspired philosophical work of scholars in the early stages of their careers. Submissions will be blind-reviewed and judged by members of a review committee drawn from the NAKS Executive and Advisory Boards.

Eligibility rules:
• The essay must be written in English, single-authored, and has not been published at date of submission.
• The author must be a Junior scholar. “Junior” is defined as: “PhD in hand; and 40 or younger (regardless of tenure status), or non-tenured (regardless of age).”
• Authors must be members of NAKS at the time of submission.

Calls for submissions will be issued in the newsletter. Essays must be single-authored, previously unpublished (work under consideration or forthcoming will be considered), and cannot exceed 8,000 words in length (including notes). Entries should be submitted in Word format and state the word count at the end. Submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter containing a three-part declaration stating that: (i) the essay has not been published by the date which submissions are due, (ii) the author already has a PhD in hand, and is either 40 years of age or younger (regardless of employment status) or non-tenured (regardless of age), and (iii) the author is a member of NAKS in good standing. The winner will be announced in the June newsletter and will receive a prize of $500. The Award Committee reserves the right not to award a prize if in its judgment no prize is warranted.

Prize Winners

2019 Samuel Kahn

2018 Robert Clewis, author of “Beauty and Utility in Kant’s Aesthetics: The Origins of Adherent Beauty”

2015 Mavis Biss, author of “Kantian Moral Striving.”

2013 Owen Ware, author of “Self-Love and Self-Conceit in Kant’s Moral Psychology."

2012 Eric Entrican Wilson, author of “Kant on Autonomy and the Value of Persons.”

2011 Ernesto Garcia, author of "A New Look at Kantian Respect for Persons."

2010 Matthew C. Altman, author of "What Kant Has to Teach Us About Same-Sex Marriage."

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