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  • 06 Sep 2017
  • 09 Sep 2017
  • University of Oslo


Submission deadline: 15 February 2015

The Kantian Standing Group of the European Consortium for Political research is organising a Section on “Kant on Political Change” (section convenors: Sorin Baiasu and Howard Williams) for the 2017 Annual Conference, which will take place at the University of Oslo between 6 and 9 September. The following panels have been provisionally accepted by the organisers:

1. The History of Pure Reason (convenors: Sorin Baiasu and Avery Goldman);
2. Rights and Duties in Kantian Legal and Political Philosophy (convenors: Alyssa Bernstein and Christoph Hanisch);
3. Du Bois and Rawls on Kant’s Cosmopolitanism (convenor: Elvira Basevich);
4. From State of Nature to Civil Society (convenors: Luke Davies and Paola Romero);
5. Realism and Idealism in Kant’s Political Thought (convenors: Daniel Tourinho Peres and Alice Pinheiro Walla);
6. Kant on Revolution (convenors: Jakub Szeczepanski and Christian Rostball);
7. From Cosmopolitanism to the Closed Commercial State (convenors: Howard Williams and Reidar Maliks).


In addition to paper proposals on any of these topics, we also invite:

  • -        Panel proposals focusing on other issues relevant for the topic of political change in Kant (in addition to the 7 panels listed above, the organisers may allocated space for one or two additional panels);
  • -        Paper proposals either on one of the issues mentioned above, or on other issues bearing on the Section’s topic.

Proposals can be submitted online as follows:

  • -        To propose a new panel with papers: https://ecpr.eu/MyEcpr/Forms/PanelProposalForm.aspx?EventID=96
  • -        To propose an individual paper: https://ecpr.eu/MyEcpr/Forms/PaperProposalForm.aspx?EventID=96

For queries, email the Section convenors at: s.baiasu@keele.ac.uk or hlwilliams@aber.ac.uk

NB: If you do not have an account with the ECPR, you will need first to create one – however, the process is free, simple and online; once you will have created an account, please go to MyECPR (top right), select My Groups and, then, “See list of all current Standing Groups and Research Networks”; click on Details and, then Join.

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