Dear Colleagues,


We would like to acquaint you with a journal project that can only go forward with the greatest possible participation of Kant scholars, without exclusions of any kind. This periodical will be an annual electronic journal in Kantian studies, which will alternate between open-submission issues and single-topic issues coordinated by two editors. All submitted manuscripts will undergo peer review. The journal will rely on the cooperation of an editor in chief and two assistant editors, all of whom have a long history of editorial experience at different journals (such as Isegoría, Dianoia or Revista Latinoamericana de Filosofía). It will also have an Editorial Board and an Advisory Board. The contents of the journal will be divided into five sections: articles, an interview with an international Kant scholar, translations of Kant´s texts into Spanish, book reviews, and a newsletter. The languages for submitted articles will be, other than Spanish: English, German, French, Portuguese and Italian.


The editors have worked out a list of possible members of the Editorial and Advisory Boards. This announcement is also a call for other potentially interested colleagues, who might like to apply to join one of the journal´s boards. The deadline for all applications is January 27, 2014. Please send an email expressing your interest to one of the editors. We are looking forward to your comments and remarks.


Kind regards,


Roberto R. Aramayo, María Julia Bertomeu y Faviola Rivera / /



C o n - T e x t o s  K a n t i a n os

Revista Intenacional de Filosofía on-line


Editors: Roberto R. Aramayo (IFS-CSIC/Madrid), Maria Julia Bertomeu (Buenos Aires)  and Faviola Rivera (IIF-UNAM, México)


Editorial Board: Juan Arana (Sevilla), Rodolfo Arango (Bogotá), Ileana Beade (Buenos Aires), Silvia Del Luján Di Sanza (Buenos Aires), Catalina González (Bogotá), Jesús González Fisac (Cadiz), Caroline Guibet Lafaye (CNRS, París), Ricardo Gutiérrez Aguilar (Berlín), Ana Carolina Gutiérrez-Xivillé (Marburgo), Claudia Jauregi (Buenos Aires), Efraín Lazos (México), Mai Lequan (París) , Gustavo Leyva (Brasil), Claudio La Rocca (Pisa), Maximiliano Hernández (Salamanca), Eduardo Molina (Colombia), Pablo Muchnik (Bostón), Lisímaco Parra (Bogotá), Alessandro Pinzani (Brasil), Faustino Oncina (Valencia), Ricardo Parellada (UCM), Concha Roldán (IFS-CSIC, Madrid), Rogelio Rovira (UCM), Margit Ruffing (Mainz), Marcos Thisted (Buenos Aires), Manuel Sánchez Rodríguez (Granada), Nuria Sánchez Madrid (UCM), Pedro Jesús Teruel, Savio Turró (Barcelona), María Jesús Vázquez Lobeiras (Santiago de Compostela), José Luis Villacañas (UCM) and Astrid Wagner (Berlín).


Advisory Board: Reinhard Brandt (Marburg), Mario Caimi (Buenos Aires), Julián Carvajal (Castilla La-Mancha), Monique Castillo (París), Adela Cortina (Valencia), María José Callejo (UCM), Bernd Dörflinger (Mainz), Vicente Durán (Bogotá), Cirilo Florez Miguel (Salamanca), Dulce María Granja (UAM), Miguel Giusti (Perú), Wilson Herrera (Bogotá), Luis Eduardo Hoyos (Bogotá), Heiner Klemme (Mainz), Salvador Mas (UNED), Antonio Miguel López Molina (UCM), Felipe Martínez Marzoa (Barcelona), Javier Muguerza (UNED), Juan Manuel Navarro Cordón (UCM), Carlos Pereda (UNAM), Antonio Pérez Quintana (La Laguna), Ubirajara Rancán de Azevedo (Brasil), Jacinto Rivera de Rosales (UNED), Pedro Ribas (UAM), Begoña Román (Barcelona), Pedro Stepanenko (IIF, UNAM), Sergio Sevilla (Valencia), Werner Stark (Marburg) and Ricardo Terra (Brasil).
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