Officers + Advisory Officers


Pablo Muchnik
Emerson College
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Helga Varden
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Robert Hanna
University of Colorado
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Steve Naragon
Manchester University
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Advisory Officers:

Henry Allison 
University of California, San Diego (Emeritus)

Karl Ameriks
University of Notre Dame

Richard Aquila
University of Tennessee (Emeritus)

Paul Guyer
Brown University (Chair)

Pauline Kleingeld
University of  Groningen 

Jane Kneller
Colorado State University

Patricia Kitcher
Columbia University

Rhoda Kotzin 
Michigan State University (Emerita)

Manfred Kuehn  
Boston University (Emeritus)

Robert Louden
University of Southern Maine

Ralf Meerbote
Rochester University (Emeritus)

Frederick Rauscher
Michigan State University

Hoke Robinson
Memphis University (Emeritus)

Eric Watkins
University of California, San Diego

Allen Wood
Stanford University

Günter Zöller
University of Munich

A.C. Genova (University of Kansas) and Nelson Potter (University of Nebraska, Lincoln) are deceased members of NAKS Advisory Board.

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