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Guidelines for Submissions to NAKS Newsletter


Due to the increasing volume of notices from our members, we have decided to set some guidelines for future submissions of information to the Newsletter.

Please submit relevant information intended for inclusion in the Newsletter by the 25th of the month prior to publication.

The deadlines for the four annual issues are:

  • For the March Issue–February 25
  • For the June Issue–May 25
  • For September Issue– August 25
  • For the December Issue–November 25

We cannot guarantee publication of your announcements after the designated deadline.

All announcements must be sent in a Word or rtf file (we cannot handle PDFs).

For conferences and calls for papers, please follow the following format:

  • Conference title
  • Meeting dates
  • Meeting place
  • Brief description (if pertinent)
  • Schedule with names of chairs and participants, complete institutional affiliation, and paper title (if applicable).
  • Additional information

NB: Time sensitive material (e.g., job opportunities) will be announced through our email system, as well as in the newsletter when appropriate. However, to avoid electronic overload, we will limit email reminders about upcoming conferences to events directly related to NAKS (e.g., Study Groups’ meetings, APA NAKS sponsored sessions, and the Biennial National NAKS Meeting). All other events of interest to our community will be published in the regular course of the newsletters and should be submitted to us before the respective deadlines.

We appreciate your collaboration and urge our members to abide by these policies. If you have any questions about the Newsletter, please contact Huaping Lu-Adler (email).


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