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North American
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North American
Kant Society


Although circumstances have recently interrupted the Series, the following are the volumes that were previously published. Unfortunately, they are no longer available directly through the Society, but the first five may be purchased (paperback prices ranging between $12 and $15) from the publisher:

Ridgeview Press
Box 686
Atascadero, CA 93423
  • Patricia Easton (ed.), Logic and the Workings of the Mind: The Logic of Ideas and Faculty Psychology in Early Modern Philosophy.

  • Ralf Meerbote (ed.), Kant's Aesthetics.

  • Phillip D. Cummins and Günter Zöller (eds.), Minds, Ideas, and Objects: Essays on the Theory of Representation in Modern Philosophy.

  • Alison Laywine, Kant's Early Metaphysics and the Origins of the Critical Philosophy.

  • Reinhard Brandt, The Table of Judgments, tr. Eric Watkins.

The most recent volume to be distributed to members was a special reprint of Volume I (1997) of the annual, Kantian Review, ed. Graham Bird and Howard Williams, published by the University of Wales Press. That issue may be out of print, but subsequent back-issues can be purchased from the Press.

Association with the journal Kantian Review

The journal is published by the Cambridge University Press in association with the UK Kant Society and with the support of the North American Kant Society. Further information about the journal may be found on the Cambridge University Press website.

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