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North American
Kant Society

North American
Kant Society


-JTPH is an academic journal dedicated to all fields, topics, and thinkers pertinent to transcendental philosophy. The Journal of Transcendental Philosophy will be published by De Gruyter in three per issues per year. You can find all information about the aim of the journal and the requirements for article submissions here: https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/jtph.
-NAKS members may also consider the Journal of Transcendental Philosophy if they wish to review a book about transcendental philosophy in any of its forms. It accepts English contributions only, with a maximum length of 2500 words. One can submit a book review through this webpage: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jtph. Further inquiries may be directed to Simon Truwant at simon.truwant@kuleuven.be
-The Kantian Digital Library , part of the journal Con-Textos Kantianos, is looking for manuscripts, essay collections, and translations devoted to any aspect of Kant’s writings. It will consider submissions in six different languages: Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Decisions for publication are based on two fundamental criteria, intellectual courage and originality, since its primary goal is to advance current discussions and open new paths of inquiry in the Kantian world.
-All manuscripts are initially evaluated by the series editors and submitted to a strenuous double-blind review process. Contracts will be issued by Alamanda Publishing House, and, to ensure the long-term viability of this project, we are requesting authors to pay minimum formatting costs and on-demand printing expenses. Questions or proposals should be sent to: contextoskantianos@gmail.com
-There are four main series to consider:
-Kantian Hermeneutics/Hermeneutica Kantiana: main editor Nuria Sánchez Madrid (Spain)
-Kantian Dialectic/Dialectica Kantiana: main editor Pablo Muchnik (USA)
-Kantian Questions/Questiones Kantianae: main editor María Julia Bertomeu (Argentina)
-Kantian Translation/Translatio Kantiana: main editor Roberto R. Aramayo (Spain)
-Titles in its series can be downloaded for free on its webpage
-Accepts publications in English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish, and German
-The journal Kantovski Sbornik (Кантовский сборник) has for a long time been published in Russian out of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU) in Kaliningrad, Russia (formerly, of course, Königsberg). Its editor is Nina Dimitrievna (IKBFU)

-Recently this journal has begun publishing articles also in English and German. It has also appointed an International Advisory Board, which consists of:

-Prof. A. Wood (Indiana University/Stanford University) — chair;

-Prof. B. Dörflinger (Trier);

-Prof. L. A. Kalinnikov (I. Kant Baltic Federal University, Russia);

-† Prof. J. Kohnen (Luxembourg);

-Prof. N. V. Motroshilova (Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences);
-Prof. T. I. Oizerman, fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences);
-Prof. W. Stark (Marburg)
-Contact information for the journal:
-Website: http://journals.kantiana.ru/eng/kant_collection/
-Editorial office:
-Russia 236022 Kaliningrad, ul. A. Nevskogo 14,
-I. Kant Baltic Federal University, Department of philosophy.
-E-mail: kant@kantiana.ru

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